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Double-Ended Twist Taper Candle

Double-Ended Twist Taper Candle

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These double-ended twist taper candles flaunt the flexibility of wax! Candles are usually straight and therefore need a base, but in this project the designer combined both base and the candle in a single material shape. By bending and twisting candles a new typology appears combining form, function, and fun. Each candle should have a burning time of approximately 10 hours.

Twist Candles may deform if placed near heat or in the sun for extended periods of time. Made in the USA.

Please Note: Candle deliveries that require a transit time longer than our average 3-4 day delivery may experience prolonged exposure to heat and humidity during summer months, potentially resulting in wax melt. While this is an uncommon occurrence, please keep this potential risk in mind when placing your order. If you'd like to arrange expedited shipping to avoid potential damage to your candles, please contact us at for an expedited shipping quote!

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