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Vintage Horror Bookshelf Bundle

Vintage Horror Bookshelf Bundle

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Color Story

Treat yourself - or the horror buff in your life - to a perfectly unique addition to any home and office decor. A pop of color hand in hand with an innocuous nod to your love of vintage horror, eager and ready to create interest on your shelves or coffee table!

PS: You'll be happy to know we have each book's original dust jacket, and are more than happy to ship books with their dust jackets intact!

Each horror bundle contains 5 hand selected vintage hardcover horror novels, and measure approximately 5" wide x 6" deep x 9" tall.

The Beast Within - Red & Black Bundle: 

  • "Gallery of Horror" by Charles L. Grant
  • "The Covenant" by Michael Falconer Anderson
  • "The Beast Within" by Edward Levy
  • "Satan's World" by Poul Anderson
  • "Nightchild" by Scott Baker

Ghost Light - Blue & Green Bundle: 

  • "Demon" by John Varley
  • "False Dawn" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • "Ghost Light" by Clare McNally
  • "Cat Magic" by Jonathan Barry with Whitley Strieber
  • "The Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction" by Isaac Asimov, Charles G. Waugh, and Martin H. Greenberg
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