Our favorite non-traditional holiday trend -- Rainbow Christmas!

Our favorite non-traditional holiday trend -- Rainbow Christmas!

 Written & Photographed by Helen Bisset, Principal Partner & Founder

Holiday decor doesn't have to be limited to green, red, silver and gold! Use your home’s existing colors to establish your unique holiday color palette. Shop your home for glassware, dishes and other accessories that coordinate and tie the look all together. By working with colors you naturally gravitate towards, it’s easier to build up your holiday decor collection year over year. This bold abstract painting sets the tone and color scheme for holiday decor. A colorful mix of vintage and new candlesticks paired with bright taper candles lends a fun feel to the tablescape. 

Freshen up the look each year by mixing and matching what you have on hand and adding a few new pieces. Holiday pillows in vibrant colors are an easy way to bring in holiday cheer! Weed out and donate accessories that no longer work for you and let them find their way to a new home. Buying handmade, vintage and sustainably produced items is an eco-conscious alternative to buying trendy fast-decor from big box stores.   

Festive florals & greenery

A little bit of greenery goes a long way to lend a festive air to your home all winter. While custom made fresh garlands can be pricey, you can get the look for much less by looking to your yard. Cuttings from evergreens or annual bushes can be added to vases, tucked behind decor on open shelving or bound with floral wire for free!

If you don’t have access to fresh foliage, high quality faux garlands are a fantastic alternative.

While evergreens are classic, eucalyptus and even faux or dried florals are fresh takes on an old favorite. An added perk of high quality faux greenery is that it can be used year after year and always looks fresh! A vintage toolbox repurposed as a centerpiece shows off with faux greenery, forsythia, lights and a rainbow wool Pom Pom garland

Get creative with vintage ornaments

Add a splash of color and shine to any area of your home with these creative ornament ideas! Vintage ornaments attached to a wreath form will brighten up your front door. Bold ornaments stand out against an artificial white tree. If your selection of vintage baubles is lacking, thrift stores are a fabulous place to find old and new ornaments. Filler ornaments don’t need to be the highest quality and can serve as a base layer to show off your favorites. 

A vintage punch bowl filled with ornaments is a fun addition!

When in doubt, add twinkle lights! Everything feels more festive with the addition of holiday lights and candles. Remember, it doesn’t have to BE holiday to READ holiday. Be bold and live colorfully! 

Happy curating!

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