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Our favorite non-traditional holiday trend -- Rainbow Christmas!

Think past green, red, silver and gold when it comes to holiday decor! By working with the colors you naturally gravitate towards, it’s easier to build up your holiday decor collection year over year. Weed out and donate accessories that no longer work for you. Freshen up the look each year by mixing and matching what you have on hand and adding a few new pieces. Buying handmade, vintage and sustainably produced items is an eco-conscious alternative to buying trendy fast-decor from big box stores. 

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Cool Weather Cocktails in Vintage Glass

Choosing the perfect vessel for a cocktail or mocktail is as important as the drink itself. I’ve been scouring antique stores, yard sales, and online for the perfect glassware. It’s become a bit of an obsession. As the temps get cooler, I put away some of my well-loved blush and green glassware and instead reach for rich amber, emerald, and amethyst vessels. We’ve got a lovely selection of glassware here at Curated that will showcase all of your fall concoctions. 

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