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Russell Blackwell



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Original mixed media artwork by Russell Blackwell. A variety of paint mediums on pressed wood panel and custom structural wood framing. Current hardware allows for this painting to be hung in its displayed orientation, but can easily be altered to allow for reoriented hanging.

Hypnotic and emotionally charged. Streams of black and white coexist in opposition, juxtaposed against an ultra-feminine magenta.

Structural wood frame edges are intentionally exposed and imperfect. Edges can be finished in a solid color of the buyers choice upon request for no additional charge.

Dimensions: 48" tall x 48" wide x 1.75" deep. 

Please Note: All original artwork is currently available for in-store pickup only. For more information on our selection of original artwork, or to inquire for a custom shipping quote please contact our team via email at We love helping beautiful art find loving homes!

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